Spiritual Revolution yoga mats are designed with motivational artwork to inspire your yoga practice.

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The practicing yogi deserves a yoga mat that inspires the spirit to shine. Spiritual Revolution yoga mats are designed with motivational artwork to inspire your yoga practice. Enjoy the benefits as you gain strength, improve posture, become more focused, and find liberation of the mind, body, and spirit. Our mats are the eco-friendly option, made with a recyclable, biodegradable natural tree rubber base, bonded to a luxurious, ultra-absorbent suede cloth top. No need to bring an extra towel to class anymore. Our mats are super soft to the touch and increase grip as you sweat. Plus, our mats are fully machine washable. Take that to the (laundry) mat!

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About Us

At the time I started this company, my son was 4 years old.  I wanted to put artwork onto yoga mats and I began researching how to do it.  To my surprise, I discovered that most yoga mats are made from PVC.  I did not know this, nor did I know what PVC really was-a toxic plastic that was bad for our health and the environment. I decided I would never let my son practice on a yoga mat made from PVC; and I decided that, if it wasn't good enough for him, it wasn't good enough for me either.  I also became committed to educating as many people as I could about the harmful effects of PVC yoga mats on our environment.  PVC yoga mats are not recyclable and do not biodegrade like natural materials do.  Rather, it can take up to hundreds of years for PVC yoga mats to break down.  Harmful toxins can leach out of PVC yoga mats into the environment.  And animals in the ocean can feed off of these plastics as they break down, causing them significant, if not fatal, harm.  That is why Spiritual Revolution has come up with the eco-friendly alternative to PVC yoga mats.  We use a natural rubber base that is recyclable and biodegradable.  Our vegan towel top is made from recycled water bottles!  And all plastic wrappings we use are fully biodegradable.  We have also partnered with the Oceanic Society's Adopt an Albatross program to help raise awareness about the plastic pollution problem in our oceans, due, in part, to our PVC yoga mat epidemic!!


Our Artists

Spiritual Revolution’s artistic team is comprised of Holly and her mother, Jane Rogers, a retired elementary school teacher who always taught Holly about the beauty and freedom that flows from different forms of artistic expression. Jane herself has always been drawn to impressionist art, especially scenes that show the beauty of nature. Jane is so proud to be a part of this company, not only because the mats include beautiful artwork, but because the mats are eco-friendly as well.



Spiritual Revolution supports and endorses a community of ‘Revolutionaries.’ Our Revolutionaries are not your typical brand ambassadors; they are members of a movement to inspire meaningful and sustaining change for people and the environment.